To help ensure a smooth application process, please bring each of the following items with you when you come to our office:

  Sales contract for the home you want to purchase.

  Bank/financial institution statements:  

Bring your original   statements for the past three months from each bank, credit union, or other financial institution where you have an account (checking, savings, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, etc.).


  Credit information:  

List of all loan account numbers and addresses ( car loans, personal loans, student loans, other loans for furniture, stereo, television, etc.).  Include any loans you may have co-signed.


  Employment history:

Name and address of employer.
W-2 forms for the past two years.
Tax returns for the past two years.
Most recent pay stubs.

  Residence history:

Name and address of current landlord or mortgage company.
List of where you have lived for the past two years.


Divorce decree or court order if you want us to consider alimony or child support as part of your income, or if you must pay alimony or child support.
Bankruptcy discharge papers, if applicable.

  Check for the credit report and appraisal.

In addition, VA applicants must bring the following:

  DD-214 papers.

  Certificate of eligibility.